Ross Youngblood is getting old.  In fact, he is older now than he was just a minute ago.

Not quite as old as dirt, and still able to purchase bananas.

Ross works as a Field Applications Engineer, which is a nice fancy title and usually is enough to convince people he manages to do something productive during the daytime.  His work involves some abstract type of problem solving, where a keyboard, switches and some knowledge of binary arithmetic is useful.  In many ways his work is similar to the work C3PO did programming binary load lifters and moisture evaporators.  At least it seems that way.  If you have a pacemaker, or a cellphone, or even a Tesla, its possible that something Ross did years ago might have made things better/worse/cheaper/more-expensive.  It’s really hard to tell exactly, productivity improvements are so objective.

This blog is a mental escape from the highly structured complex world of programming and testing routines used by binary load lifters and moisture evaporators.  Things were so much easier in Archimedes time.